I’m Back!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see. When I first started this blog, I wanted to commit to the idea of posting at least once a week (maybe even twice!) and maintaining a certain level of consistency. One thing I’ve noticed after my first “official year in the adult world” is that making a statement like that is bold, and at least 50% of the time, things aren’t going to work out that way, or even remotely close to the way you want it to.

Let me explain…

For starters, I didn’t realize how EXHAUSTING it is to work 40+ hours a week. I understand how lucky I am to have a full-time job, but I am now realizing that it’s incredibly hard to be creative when you don’t get to use that creativity as often as you’d like to. An average day in my life starts at 6:00AM and doesn’t end until 6:30PM (thank you Dallas traffic…) and by that point I barely want to walk my dog and make myself dinner, let alone blog/produce content. (Again, please don’t take this the wrong way – I know I am beyond lucky to even have a job!) It’s also hard to coordinate with friends/photographers to get actual quality pictures using a real camera rather than an iPhone. Everyone seems to be so busy lately, especially around this time of year with the holidays coming up. (Although I will say I have taken/posted quite a few iPhone photos lately and the quality on those is pretty good too!)

I’m doing my best to try and upload to Instagram as much as possible and keep growing that following, but I need to show this website a little more love. Writing is so therapeutic for me and I have a million notes in my phone/on my iPad/on my computer of ideas, outlines and even fully written posts that I just haven’t gotten around to posting because I’m unsure of them. My self-care promise to myself this week is to be less critical of my own work, just say screw it and post it. Everyone has their own reality and while everyone might not be 100% fond of what I’m posting/may not relate to it, my hope is that maybe it will resonate with someone out there, or at the very least I know my family will read it and appreciate an update on my life (Hi Mom!)

If you’re a blogger struggling with your content or your niche or maybe just your life in general, just know that you aren’t alone. Whether you’re in your early 20’s like I am and struggling with the first few years of adulthood, or you’ve been an adult for a while and you’re still struggling with something, understand that you have my full support, and it can only get better from here!


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