Living 1,200 Miles From Home

Living on your own, far away from home, is a lot of different things…

It’s getting a flat tire and still immediately calling your Dad to figure out what to do.

It’s keeping him on the phone even after he tells you what to do so you can make sure you’re getting the best service for the best price.

It’s FaceTiming your mom because no matter how many times you Google it, you still don’t know how to hard boil an egg.

It’s snap chatting your teenage sister because she’s busy doing whatever it is that teenagers do these days and that’s the quickest way to get in touch with her.

It’s making a point to call your grandparents as often as you can, not only because you miss them but because as hard as it is to admit, they won’t be around forever.

It’s sending your mom blurry dressing room pictures via Text Message because your iMessage doesn’t work in the back of the store and her opinion is the only one you really trust.

It’s calling your parents every day when you get off work to tell them about your day.

It’s watching the same show as your mom and texting your reactions since you aren’t there to shout about them in person.

It’s knowing that no matter what, nothing has changed. Your family is just as supportive and loving as ever (maybe even more now that you’re farther away!) and that, I think, is the most comforting part. xoxo.

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